Mar 12, 2014

Objectivity in Social Sciences


“Not About Objectivity-A Note on Cultural Studies Perspectives,” Journal of National Development Studies 6,2 (June 2007): 1-28. (with Chih-yu Shih and Min-jay Guo) (in Chinese)


This paper is a cultural studies critique of objectivism. It confronts the mainstream social science on the issue of objectivity. Through analogy and deduction, the paper denies the existence of any research target to be completely unrelated to the researchers or their research activities. Researchers identify their research targets because these targets extend themselves in time and space but separate abruptly from their surroundings. Extension and abruption are observable through the creation and use of symbols, which involve social learning. Learning is a matter of social purpose, which injects affect into the memory of symbol. Consequently, researchers and their targets are mutually constituted in the knowledge concerning social reality.